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Association European Energy Award AISBL
Place du Grand Sablon 19
1000 Bruxelles

Technical implementation
Nibelungengasse 8/2/12
1010 Vienna


The Forum European Energy Award e.V. was established as a registered association with domicile in Berlin on 25 September 2003 for the purpose of structuring common core tasks and promoting the coordination and communication of its licensees, who implement the European Energy Award® process.

The European Energy Award® is a registered trademark. CL GmbH, a company with domicile at Zurich that was established by the members of the Communal Labels Working Group of the eponymous EU project on 17 December 2001, created a word/device mark to identify the eea process. This mark is registered as an international mark under the Madrid Agreement in the EU member states, in Switzerland, Monaco, Ukraine and Morocco. The mark ensures that the auditing process and all associated tools are protected by law.

CL GmbH has issued royalty-bearing licenses for the use of the auditing and assessment system and process, including all of its associated tools, and the use of the word/device mark since 2003.

The European Energy Award® process is managed under additional registered brand names by various partner organisations in different countries, for example in Switzerland (Energiestadt, Cité de l'énergie, Città dell'energia programmes for municipalities, managed by EnergieSchweiz) and Austria (e5 programme for energy-efficient communities).


Communal Labels GmbH and its licensees do not accept any liability for the accuracy of stored contents and calculated results of the EEA management tool.


Images of the municipalities provided by: Feldkirch (AT), Bern (CH), Buchs (CH), political municipality of Weinfelden (CH).